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Platform: Xbox 360
Media: DVD
Release Date: 2007-08-21
Publisher: 2K Games (Take 2 Interactive)
Developer: 2K Boston, 2K Australia
Original MSRP: 59.99-69.99
Rarity: ?
Average Rating:
1 rating(s)

Bioshock is Rapture
Written By: jonniethm
Staff Review
Added: 09/01/2007
Last Modified: 09/01/2007

Bioshock is set in an underwater city named Rapture created by the mind of Andrew Ryan, a man with great vision of people ruling their future instead of their government, religion, or laws. After a plane crash lands you in the middle of the ocean you discover a way to get down to rapture and find out that Andrew Ryan is a human being like any other, and he like many human beings has made a huge mistake. Rapture is in shambles and now it is up to you to find a way out.

The story line in this game is compelling and mysterious. It pushes you forward with twists and turns and leaves the want for more. Not to mention it gives you choices, something that seems to have been lost in the video game world. Choose to only save yourself or help others as you go, and with that includes multiple endings to the story, leaving you the desire for another play through.

The AI in this game is something to be amazed at. Walk into a room full of Splicers (the main enemy in the game.) and you will find that they immediately run for cover. They jump on the ceiling making it harder for you to shoot at them, they come up behind you without a sound, and they run for water when they are on fire. Some enemies in the game work together. The Big Daddy, Little Sister combo for example, the Little Sister is an invincible enemy in the shape of a little girl. She goes after dead bodies to suck out the atom, a life altering substance in Rapture, but you won?t find one of these little girls without a Big Daddy near by. The Big Daddy can be killed, but not very easily, if you mess with one of these bad boys be prepared for total annihilation. As long as you don?t mess with the Little Sisters, the Big Daddies won?t mess with you. In other words be prepared to fight enemies just as smart as you are.

Visuals are another amazing thing about the game. Beautiful open areas, water effects in all there glory, and textures everywhere. It doesn?t get much better than this on Xbox 360. There will be a point in the game where you just stop and look at the environment because it looks so good.

While Bioshock is an epic for the ages I can?t give it the perfect score of a ten. While no game is perfect if the development team had worked on this game just a little longer they could?ve fixed some ugly glitches. Most of the glitches deal with characters in the game. Three times while playing the game the Big Daddy glitched out on me and stopped fighting me. They would run up and down a hall, be stuck in a corner or just turn in circles. This isn?t something that occurs often and I have to admit that the game is so good that if it had only happened once I wouldn?t have even mentioned it. Besides that some of the physics are a little wonky. After killing an enemy half the time the body keeps moving, an arm will wave, a leg will flinch infinitely, it?s very funny but an obvious problem. The only other problem that I could notice were very slight texture pop in problems. None of these problems take too much away from the game but, all of them combined or notable.

Bioshock is a game for the ages and a true masterpiece of this generation of consoles. Its problems are minor and its positives are many. It?s a deep single player experience that we?ve all been missing since Xbox Live destroyed it. I appreciated every moment of this game and it?s worth every dollar to pick up.

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