Mario Strikers Charged

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Platform: Wii
Media: DVD
Release Date: 2007-07-30
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Next Level Games
Original MSRP: 49.99
Rarity: ?
Average Rating:
1 rating(s)

Get Ready to Take Charge!
Written By: jonniethm
Staff Review
Added: 08/16/2007
Last Modified: 08/16/2007

Mario Strikers Charged is the Wii sequel to the original Super Mario Strikers on the Nintendo Gamecube. This is possibly to most addicting game on the Wii to date, and coming from me that?s saying something, seeing as a don?t usually like sports games. As we all know Mario sports titles are always a little more crazy than normal, and in this game the crazy becomes absolutely insane. Between knocking your opposing players into an electric fence, using special moves given to each captain, and throwing items around the stages it become absolute and utter insanity. That isn?t a bad think though because it creates the type of environment that sucks the player into the game and never lets them stop.

One of the things I enjoy about this new version is the computer AI in the single player mode. They are very challenging which is sometimes hard to find in these types of sports games. If you think you can just take captain after captain down to get to the top rank you are sorely mistaken. The last cup may defiantly make a few people throw their Wii remotes through the television.

Online play is another new feature to the world of Mario Strikers, and as one of the first titles to have ?true online play? it pans out pretty well. Switch friends codes and you can go head to head online with someone miles away. Don?t have any friends you say? Then team up with a completely random person and have a full out soccer fest for hours. With little or almost always no lag this online version of Strikers feels almost like playing over Xbox Live except without the smack talk. I was fully surprised by the online play and how well the Wii handled it.

While I appreciate all the new features of Mario Strikers Charged the game is not without its flaws. The music in this game needs a serious overhaul. While a good amount of the songs aren?t musical masterpieces but easy to handle, some of the music is just downright terrible. Disco music in a soccer game is not acceptable in my book. Also while the online features are great you can only have two Wii systems playing online at the same time. So if you have three friends and they all want to get in on the same game one of them is just going to have to wait it out and take turns or go over to another of the friends house and play as a guest. I don?t see this as a huge issue though just because it was the first attempt at a true online game with the Wii.

Overall Mario Strikers Charged is worth the buy. Especially if you know other people that would be into the game, the multiplayer experience is better than almost all of the other games on Wii at this point. It?s for the hardcore sports fan, the hardcore Nintendo fan, and anyone just looking for a great game. I highly recommend it.

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