Escape from Bug Island

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Platform: Wii
Media: DVD
Release Date: 2007-07-25
Publisher: Spike
Developer: Secret Stash Games
Original MSRP: 49.99
Rarity: ?
Average Rating:
1 rating(s)

Escape From Buying This
Written By: jonniethm
Staff Review
Added: 08/17/2007
Last Modified: 08/17/2007

What on earth? This game should have been pitched as soon as the script came through. Back in the late 90?s and early millennium the horror genre of games became popular with now classics like Silent Hill and Resident Evil. Because of the technology available in video game systems these games may have been a little wonky as far as controls, or graphics, but the story lines were compelling and you could tell that everything was done in the development cycle to make these quality titles. Fast forward to the year 2007 and here comes Escape From Bug Island for the Nintendo Wii.

Not only does it feels like someone dropped this game into a time capsule from the year 1999 and mailed it to the year 2007 but it doesn?t even have that compelling story line that we came to expect and know from these horror titles. There are not too many positive points to this game. Bad graphics, bad story line, bad controls, and absolutely awful voice acting.

The game in a nutshell goes something like this; three people go to check out some bugs on an island all the while having a conversation about dating the one girl they are with like a bunch of 12 year olds. The girl goes off by herself into the woods so the other two go to look for her and you end up being the one lone guy fighting a bunch of huge fake looking bugs with the Wii remote that feels more like you shouldn?t waste your time swinging the Wii remote but rather, just pushing the buttons to make the actions happen.

I would never recommend this game unless it happened to be in the two for ten bin.

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