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If you are lucky enough to win a Video Game Console auction off of eBay protected by the BitSaga Warranty then you can rest easy knowing your investment is protected.Every system sold by comes with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee and 1 Year Repair & Replacement warranty. That's 395 days of protection in your retro gaming investment. With the price of Nintendo’s rising and some selling for $200 or more, why not protect your investment.

Backed by Video Game Research database you can feel safe and secure that your warranty will be honored for the full term and not have to worry about a unknown eBay seller who may disappear after making such claims and guarantee.

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Blinking? Before submitting a request please make sure that any non-bitsaga game used is cleaned. Here is a guide to help you clean your NES Games.

The best way to clean the game is to actually open up the game if you have a tool available, if not you will have to use a q-tip and spend more time. The best solution is to mix "Weiman Glass Cook Top Cleaner" and 50% strength Rubbing alcohol to thin it out, the proper mix should be a milky white liquid. Apply this to the contacts and see how quickly the caked on flith comes off. When you have removed all the flith, use rubbing alcohol and a q-tip to remove the cleaner residue. If you open up the game as you do this you will see how well it works.

Blinking occurs then the connectors on the game and the connectors of the system do not properly transfer electrical signals. There are two causes. First a faulty connector used in original NES systems. Second a dirty game. Using a clean game is the best way to test if the system is at fault.

If with a clean game you are still having problems with the system fill out a Warranty service request.

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